Weekly Update – February 22-26

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are very pleased to inform you that we successfully and safely transitioned to in class learning this past week.  Our Mighty Mustangs are amazing!  All safety protocols have been reviewed carefully and students have adapted to wearing their masks, practicing hand hygiene and maintaining physical distancing. Teachers are ensuring that mask breaks are provided throughout the day.  

It appears that there is increased traffic in our parking lot before and after school since our return.  We kindly request that you continue to do your best to park on the neighbouring streets and walk your children to school.  If you are entering the parking lot, please avoid double parking and avoid having your child(ren) cross through stopped cars to get to your car. You are encouraged to keep circling until a parking spot becomes available in the kiss’n ride loop.  Thank you for wearing masks on the school property. Please remember that congregating is not permissible at this time.  As soon as you drop off or pick up your child, please leave the school property.  We try our very best all day to follow all of the re-entry guidelines and protocols.  We are counting on you, dear parents to do what you can to support us.

This is going to be a great week of Black History Month Activities at St. Mary.  On Monday, we will participate in a Black History Month liturgy.  Throughout the week, students in each division will engage in a variety of activities to highlight the accomplishments of Black Canadians and we are going to celebrate our many differences and diverse cultures. 

On Friday, February 26th, St. Mary staff and students will welcome Matthew Jones AKA “Testament”. Through songwriting and Hip Hop, Testament shares his message of P.E.A.C.E. – People Everywhere Actually Coexisting Equally. The theme is “LEGACY” and the virtual presentations will highlight key “Legacy builders”, specifically leaders from the Black community that have helped to pave the way for the work that P.E.A.C.E. members do.  Students will also explore their own identity through the shared stories of those who have gone before us. P.E.A.C.E. will empower participants to be proud of who they are and expand their horizons about what is possible with self- confidence and self-determination. The presentations and workshops will include opportunities for students to participate virtually through music, key video clips, and more!! Be sure to ask your children about this great presentation.

Wednesday, February 24 is Pink Shirt Day and all staff and students are invited to wear a pink shirt or pink ribbon to symbolize that we practice kindness and acceptance towards all.  We all have the capacity to spread kindness and that is the underlying philosophy behind our anti-bullying movement: a movement we hope lives year round beyond Bullying Prevention Week and Pink Shirt Day. We know that spreading kindness and love help put an end to bullying.  After all, kindness never goes out of style. 

Our teachers are ensuring that the mental health and well being of our students is in check.  During the month of February, we’re focussing on BREATHING as a strategy to support wellness.  Teachers are guiding their students on a BREATHING Virtual Field Trip. Have them share this strategy with you.

Please Mark Your Calendars:

February  22 Black History Month Liturgy

February 24 Pink Shirt Day

February 24 Catholic School Council Virtual Meeting @ 6:45pm

February 26 Civies Day

February 26 P.E.A.C.E. Presentation

March 9        Friendship Liturgy Prepared by FDK

March 11        Gr. 6 VIP

March 17       St. Patrick’s Day

March 25       Virtual Lent School Mass with Fr. Ignacio

March 26       Civies Day

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Mrs. D’Andrea                       Mrs. Crocitto

Principal                                  Vice Principal