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Weekly Update – June 7-11

Thank you for continuing to instill the importance of having your children log on to participate in synchronous learning with their teachers every day despite the great weather and other distractions.  Students are still working hard to meet all grade level expectations.  The teachers are doing a tremendous job to keep the students engaged and focused.  We are counting on all students to do their ... Continue reading "Weekly Update – June 7-11"

Weekly Update – May 31-June 4

June is here and we are all feeling excited for the end of year activities.  Thank you for continuing to support us by encouraging your children to remain connected and engaged through their virtual classroom. St. Mary teachers are doing their very best to provide engaging activities while ensuring that key grade level expectations are being taught.  We’re almost near the end and our students ... Continue reading "Weekly Update – May 31-June 4"

Weekly Update – May 17-21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope that the beautiful sunshine makes you lively and provides a ray of hope this weekend.  We continue to pray for everyone’s good health and better days ahead.  

Here are a few updates we’d like to share with you:

We are delighted that our school will be participating in the Luke 4:18 virtual mini Symposium entitled ... Continue reading "Weekly Update – May 17-21"

Weekly Update – May 10-14

On this very special weekend, we honour all of the Mothers, Godmothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and Special Women in the lives of our St. Mary students.  We know that special women model for our students what it means to be strong, self-assured and confident.  This year has been particularly challenging for everyone but we thank all of the special women in the St. Mary community for: ... Continue reading "Weekly Update – May 10-14"