Winter Walk Day is February 2nd

York Catholic schools are pleased to join schools across Canada in celebrating Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, February 2, 2022! Each year, Winter Walk Day takes place on the first Wednesday of February. Walking to and from school is fun every day, so we encourage you to journey outside throughout the entire month of February! If you are remote learning, you can always plan to take a walk on your lunch break or before or after school too!

Schools and parents are encouraged to visit the Winter Walk Day website to plan and promote a winter walk day in your school community. Let YCDSB’s Active Schools Team know if you are interested in participating so it can support you. By dressing for the weather, keeping active and staying hydrated, you can stay warm and enjoy the winter weather!

Winter Walking

Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you from walking this winter. Walking in the winter can be especially good for your health. It is refreshing to your senses, beneficial to your mind and just plain old fun! Being outside more often allows children to develop a stronger immune system and a resistance to allergies. Walking to school and playing outside in the winter gives children the opportunity to develop and strengthen their overall muscular system. Walking in the snow encourages balancing and using new muscles that are often not used. Just be sure to bundle
up! So dress warm and get your walk on!