April News

While it still doesn’t quite feel like it outside, Spring is indeed here, and we now enter the final three months of the school year, our busiest time. There are still many exciting school events planned for the weeks and months ahead and April is jam packed with activities including the Junior Oral Communication Finals (school level on April 4th and Area level on April 18), Love of Dance Competition (April 24),  Junior Hockey Tournament (April19), Intermediate Music Excursion (April 12) and Grade 7 Retreat (April 17).  The staff are very busy planning for the St. Mary 25th Anniversary on May 3rd.  Parents and students are welcome to attend the Arts Night Open House from 6pm-8pm.  Our Catholic School Council remains very active and is planning for its Fun Fair and BBQ, scheduled for June 13th from 5pm-8pm. While the planning for this event is still underway, we’d ask everyone to save the date in their calendars. It’s going to be a fantastic event you won’t want to miss!

In April, we will continue to host a number of events to help support our work in the areas of inclusion at our school.  This week, our students will have the opportunity to gather information about autism, communication disorders, learning disabilities and ADHD.  Students will be making announcements for the purpose of building an understanding and to further develop empathy and inclusion.  On Monday, April 3rd, we will gather virtually as a school community for a liturgy which celebrates all of our friends with autism.  

 During these last three months of the school year, it is important that students keep their focus on their daily school work. Homework reinforces lessons and this practice enables students to meet with success. Please review with your child their nightly homework and ask them questions about their school work. Check agendas and/or Google Classroom for homework, reading logs, assignments, tests and project deadlines.  If you have any questions about academic expectations, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. When possible, please schedule all appointments outside of the school day.  We look forward to the continued success of all students.